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Our Story

Our names are Brendan and Sarah Dunn, and we live in small-town
Jefferson City, Tennessee. We are East Tennessee natives, and we have been married since 2017. We have an adorable and very active toddler named Caleb, who keeps us on our toes yet somehow seems to never run out of energy. We enjoy traveling, playing board games, and doing all kinds of outdoor activities.

Sarah is a nurse by profession but currently stays home with Caleb. Brendan majored in philosophy and religion in undergrad but currently works in technology. We both hold master's degrees in applied theology from Carson-Newman University.

We experienced the loss of our first pregnancy in March of 2020. Sarah received a care package during that season of loss, and we have since been trying to pay it forward by making care packages for other women experiencing this loss. And so this ministry was born.

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